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The Parish Council of Newlands

An update on the Community Facility

By Tony Daniells The Parish Council of Newlands

Thursday, 25 July 2019


The Parish Council of Newlands Contributor


Dear Residents

As part of the gain for residents under their planning obligations, the developer has to provide a temporary community facility which will be available for up to 10 years. Once sufficient occupations are reached, then a permanent facility will be made available.

To get the new building available for use, there are three activities that need to be completed

  • The building has to be safe for public use and fitted out to the needs of users
  • A lease with the building owner has to be agreed
  • A community interest group needs to be setup with sufficient Trustees

The Parish Council is working on all three streams of work, but here is an update on the first one.

The new community facility which Grainger has built for the use of the residents has been inspected for Health & Safety, and a number of findings have been reported. Whilst these are not significant, they do need to be addressed before a lease can be signed and the building opened for use. This means that we cannot sign a lease until the work is completed as we are looking at  the safety of the residents who will use this facility, The Parish Council is working with the developers builders to rectify the problems and get the community building into use. We will keep you updated on this and other activity when we have more information to give.

The Parish Council apologises  for any delays in getting this operational and hope this will ready to use shortly.

Tony Daniells

Clerk to the Council

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Tony Daniells

  • 02393092357

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